Jun 14, 2024


…like shattered glass

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Promises of forever
secrets whispered
upon the wind
I remember
your hands
warm, in mine
a finger tracing a line
down my spine
turning me to fire
your words like fine wine
falling, but not yet fallen

in the stark reality
of hindsight
I now see you
the wolf in sheep’s clothing
the stranger
behind the mask
the virtuoso
weaving your lies
through fragile threads
of truth

I remember
the day that you left
I was broken
like shattered glass
dreams revealed
as a world of illusions
smoke and mirrors
a trick of the light

now alone
in the aftermath
falling, and fallen at last
the snow is falling with me
soft against my skin
cold and distant
as your heart
in this desolate place
by the spell you cast
the ghost of you
your music still haunts me
© Ann Bagnall




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