For I Will Love You

Feb 26, 2024


Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

Listen to the ancient voices
calling from the dark
only heard by your heart
and answered by my whispers

the heart remembers
the heart endures
deep it lies
in the tides of dreams

there it ever shall remain
the silent messenger
of infinite secrets
bringing the sound alive once more

when I call, can you hear my voice?
listen, my love, hear me
like the misplaced words
of some long forgotten song

breathe the scent
of evening flowers
listen for my heartbeat
which beats for you alone

listen for my footsteps
just a breath away
and speak to me in whispers soft
of midnight hue

the echoes of unspoken words
are ever longed for
haunting every violet night
you are not alone

for I will love you, nevertheless

© Ann Bagnall




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