I See That You

Jun 13, 2024


…are not all I ever lost

Image: Public domain

In silent passage
over rivers of night
between sunset
and shadow

I hear my heartbeat
in the rain
there is a whispering
at the door
and eternity falls
in a single drop

the crash of dreams
the tide of longing
intense blue skies
just a touch too far
stones and brooks
wind caressed

like a beautiful thirst
you awaken my moods
yet deceived by the light
when no dreams come
I am left
with the stillness
of reflection

my heart is a cold lake
no dreams come
I have been forgotten
in the midst of things
the silk curtains fall
and I see that you
are not all I ever lost
© Ann Bagnall 2013




My poetry website is https://annieb222.com - Thank you for your kind words, I have family matters overwhelming me for a while