2 min readFeb 20, 2024

…is a sad but beautiful song

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The heavens wheel endlessly above
and the night whispers it’s sad refrain

the hours have left me drowning once again
in the vast seas of my loneliness

deep and green the air is restless
and dark waves beat upon the shore

until fading into the distance
I can’t hear them anymore

even the stars on high
have come undone

and I feel the faint rush of my blood
feather-light like the caress of the sun

yet still I float like an abandoned boat
upon the azure deep of night

rocking gently back and forth
the shoreline ever out of sight

I am filled with a great longing
to take that endless flight

to fall into the soft abyss of dreams
into the honeyed remnants of memories

there, where images of you
are like music to my soul

painted in your true colours
all the shades of darkness and light

winding across the distant reaches
to the very edges of the night

I ache like a river, that hastens to flow
to swim through your deep oceans

timeless drifting weightless shifting
in the teeming silence I feel less alone

but lonely is the sound of the wind
and lonely the sea does weep

then morning comes
to cushion the fall

and lonely
is a sad
but beautiful song

© Ann Bagnall

** A poem from my book ‘The Ocean Whispers To Me’ published on Amazon**




My poetry website is https://annieb222.com - Thank you for your kind words, I have family matters overwhelming me for a while