Our Hearts Are Dust

1 min readFeb 22, 2024

…before the wind

Image: Public Domain

Yes, love exists
but it is no longer mine
alone again
once more
I am incomplete
my heart
constantly whispers
to the listening skies

memories of you
linger fleetingly
like pain
but now
a keen awareness
it is mine
it took its time

my light is broken
reason is blind
all falls into ash
and I am dissolving
forever caught
in a swirling sea fog
of repeated endings

we are returning
over and over
to the same shore
endlessly moving
through passing time
just stepping stones

without you
to fill the emptiness
I am drifting
in frozen shades
of melancholy blue
and like the last
of the blossoms
I am falling
drawn to the depths

above heaven
and below heaven
everything circles
back to where it began
our hearts are dust
before the wind
and then
another beginning

© Ann Bagnall




My poetry website is https://annieb222.com - Thank you for your kind words, I have family matters overwhelming me for a while