That One Piece

2 min readJun 15, 2024


…that completes me

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The night is dark and restless
even the dead are weary
I still search for you
every moment consumed
by the void that you left in me
I think of how you filled
my empty spaces, those places
that I never knew were empty

your voice a symphony
a sweet soft melody
in an otherwise silent place
it still echoes in my heart
a vast unconquerable emptiness
that in your absence
renders me hollow

these rooms are still and empty
haunted by many ghosts
I am wandering
lost in unfamiliar places
where the lonely moon
casts long shadows

aimlessly searching
for something
something, I know
that I will never find
but still, I look for you
for that missing piece
of myself
that has slipped
through my fingers
like sands through the hourglass

I wander in dreams
in a place I have never known
where something calls to me
from the empty streets
this is an endless need
and your touch is the remedy

there is a strange beauty
in the way the streetlights
cast their long shadows
this place feels like home
but I am still lost here
a stranger in my own skin

dawn slowly bleeds rivers
across the morning sky
holding the night at arm’s length
pushing it further and further away
I awaken in a place
where the sheets are cold
the pillows damp with tears

and in my heart I still ache
I still feel the endless need
the longing, to search for you
for that piece of myself
that fragment of my soul
that part of me
I cannot live without
that one piece
that completes me

I feel its absence
and the weight of it
crushes me
overcome with sorrow
I am content to simply exist
still carrying the burden
of endless searching

dawn rises slowly
overwhelming the darkness
the constant yearning
consumes me
and in my heart I know
that without each other
we both are forever lost
© Ann Bagnall




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